Thursday, 24 May 2012

California exciting moving offers by AVL moving

AVL moving systems, the premium local and long distance California based moving company is giving away some exciting free offers on local moves; following are some of the offers that will be of a great use if you are moving in near future:

Free Wardrobe Boxes:  Wardrobe boxes are really very important while packing for moves; we often come out short on wardrobe boxes to pack our stuff and often need more boxes. More boxes mean more money, so the moving expenditure rises and you start thinking about other options that might not be good for your fragile stuff. To help you all with the needs of extra wardrobe boxes, AVL moving systems is offering 5 free wardrobe boxes for local movers, 5 more wardrobe boxes will definitely server most of the packing purposes. Offers like this are seldom provided by most of the movers, this offer by AVL is really super cool and money saver.

Free Storage:  Another offer which is being liked and grabbed by people is one month free storage space for your stuff. This is one of the coolest offers for many. There are situations where your lease expires and you want to move to another location but the new lease starts one month later, you can stay with your friends but what about your belongings? This is where this offer helps you, you can store your stuff with AVL for one month without paying extra and relocate to your new place after a month. This definitely saves you a lot of money.

I would recommend everyone who is moving in near future to grab these offers before they expire, you will certainly save a lot of money.
Apart from this, AVL moving rates are:

$65/hour for 2 men & a truck
$75/hour for 3 men & a truck
$85/hour for 4 men & a truck

You may also go for their full service rates, you can enquire about the same by calling at their customer support numbers 866-633-9946 or 888-668-3068
If you want to get free moving quotes from AVL, you can call them on their regional numbers as well; some of their regional numbers are listed below:

Orange County California: 800-979-0919
Santa Clara County or Bay Area California: 408-217-0060 & 408-217-0055
Fresno County, California: 559-477-4484 & 209-257-3468

Call them to get free moving estimates, their estimates often come close. Good luck with your search!

Monday, 2 April 2012

San Jose Santa Clara County Moving Company

San Jose, Santa Clara County moving services, call them at the given numbers to book your Move today!! They are one of the very best licensed and Insured movers in California.

San Jose Movers CA
San Jose Moving Company

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

California workers comp costs are growing fast

Workers compensation is something that is a must not only for those businesses that are big but for those as well that are small and have only one worker. Workers compensation is popular in all the US states but California is the state where workers compensation is somewhat more popular. The reason being the rate of businesses in the state. The workers in California feel safe at work because their employers provide them with all the required things that would enable the workers put 100% of their efforts in work.
In order to be successful in becoming a big business, every employer should make sure they have the workers compensation insurance available, this not only gives employer the support in an event of mishappening that happens with a worker at work but also gives some sort of worry free mind to think about the other developments of the company.
There are some businesses that tend to ignore the workers compensation, these businesses need to know that  it is required by the law that every business should have workers compensation insurance available. Businesses where the risk of injuries is higher for workers should always make sure to have the workers compensation insurance available. This not only will give the workers the stability and confidence to the worker but gives them the level of security as well.
California workers comp costs are growing very fast, in order to make sure you as an employer  not paying more than the required costs, you may consult workers compensation consultant in your state, it's always a good idea to take professional ideas to reduce your compensation costs rather than just going for it. There are many businesses that are surprisingly paying more than the actual costs required, don't let yourself overpay, reduce your costs, consult with the best in your state.